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Chemicals are important materials used in many industrial and commercial processes. These are common staples in many industries, but they can pose a serious threat if not stored properly. As such, chemical tanks are a critical component that aids in the safe storage of chemicals in industrial facilities.

Chemical tanks are containers that allow the storage of liquid chemicals or gases. These containers may be of different sizes and shapes and may be made of different materials depending on the intended use. For example, materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, stainless steel, carbon steel and fiberglass can be used.

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Usage Area

Chemical tanks are basic materials used in many industrial facilities. These containers allow for the storage and transportation of chemicals. However, it is vital that these containers are designed, constructed and maintained correctly. Improper storage and use can cause serious accidents, fires, environmental pollution and even death.

Chemical tanks have many features for the safe storage and handling of chemicals. These features include fire resistance, protective coatings, pressurized systems, flow meters, safety valves, overpressure relief valves, surface heating systems and air exchange systems. These provide extra protection to chemical tanks and increase operators’ safety and environmental protection measures.

These special tanks are a vital component for the safe storage and transport of chemicals in industrial plants. The correct design, construction, maintenance and operation of these containers is critical to protecting people and the environment. When used correctly, chemical tanks can increase the efficiency of industries and also ensure people’s safety and environmental protection measures.

As a Rhino company, it has been producing tankers to be used in the logistics of various acids for the Chemical, Petrochemical and Energy sectors with its experience and know-how since 1976.
Rhino company has become a solution partner to its customers for the logistics industry by using advanced technology according to customer demands.

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