Semi Trailer Tanker Manufacturing
Chemical Tanker

It is the production process of special tankers used for the safe transportation of dangerous chemical substances. These tankers are manufactured in accordance with international standards. It fully complies with the ADR (European Hazardous Substances Directive) regulations. Carbon Steel Chemical Tankers with ADR offer a reliable and effective solution in the chemical industry and logistics sector.

The production of these tankers can be carried out in specially designed facilities and by specialized engineers. Carbon steel material is a preferred option due to its durability and high resistance to chemicals. These tankers are resistant to high pressures and impacts, thus ensuring the safe transportation of hazardous chemicals.

The manufacturing process of Carbon Steel Chemical Tankers with ADR can be carried out with strict inspections to ensure full compliance with quality standards. At each stage, compliance with international norms and customer requirements is ensured. The technological equipment used in the manufacturing process and the result-oriented approach guarantee the provision of high quality and safety standards.

The production of these tankers can be customized according to customer needs. They can be produced in different volumes and specifications, thus providing suitable solutions for the transport of different chemical substances. In addition, safety features such as high-capacity pumping systems, sealing measures and fire extinguishing systems can also be included.

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Container Carrier Trailer Manufacturing

It is a special trailer production process used for the transportation of containers by sea or highway. These trailers are known for their durable and functional structures that ensure the safe transportation of containers. It plays an important role in the container transportation industry. For this reason, the production of high-quality and reliable trailers is of great importance.

Container Carrier Trailer Manufacturing is carried out by expert engineers. It can also be customized according to customer requirements. The materials used in the manufacturing process, such as high-quality steel or aluminum, provide durability and long service life. In addition, the robust chassis structure and reinforced axles make it possible to safely transport heavy loads.

The trailer manufacturing process can be carried out with a perfectionist approach. Strict quality controls are applied at every stage and full compliance with international standards is ensured. Thus, a high-quality and safe product is offered to customers. The state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technical knowledge used in the manufacturing process are combined with precise measurements and continuous welding processes.

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