Genişlik : max. 2.550 mm.
Yükseklik : max. 3.500 mm. *
Boş Ağırlık : 3.000 ~ 3.850 kg *
Geometrik Hacim : 12.000 ~ 25.000 l. *
Bölme Sayısı : 1 ~ 4 *
Tank Kodu : L1, 5BN
Tank Sınıfı : Sınıf 3, 6, 8 *
Yapı Malzeme Serisi : Paslanmaz Çelikler *
Taşıyacağı Ürünler : Tank kodu ve hiyerarşisine uygun ADR Bölüm 3’de belirtilen kimyasallar *
İşletme Sıcaklığı : -20 ˚C +50 ˚C
Sertifikalandırma : ADR – Turkey TSE / Germany KBA (Tüv)

* Varies depending on your truck model and optional equipment selection.

As Rhino Tank Company, we produce containers and ISO tanks for use in liquid, foodstuff and chemical logistics with our experience since 1976.

While adopting innovative and creative solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers as the basic principle of flexible production understanding, with our own know-how licenses and the technologies we produce, it is made of stainless steel material according to the regulations of ADR – EN 14025 and the climate and road conditions of the geographical region it will serve, in suitable thicknesses for design calculations, cylindrical section, wide volume range, UN-code dangerous substances in ADR Class-3-6-8 which can carry up to one or four chambers, capable of discharging the flow and powered, Over Truck Chemical Tanker; it forms a “Chemical Bond”, exactly in accordance with the superstructure instructions of truck manufacturers and truck chassis in different configurations.

10.000 – 20.000 Lt.

Capacity Range

1 – 3

Number of Partitions

-20 – +35°C

Design Temperature

0,5 – 1 Bar

Design Pressure

L1, 5BN

Tank Code

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