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Rhino Tank from Past to Present

As a reflection of years of experience, Rhino Tank, with its ever positive feedback in the projects it has done, swiftly continues on its way.

Rhino Tank, with its 65 experienced professional staff, is located in Kocaeli, Turkey. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes Rhino Tank from other companies is its rich history and symbol.

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Completed Projects

Experience since 1976

The company, which started the production of trailer manufacturing and vehicle equipment in 1976, took the first step in the institutionalization process in Kocaeli in 1993 and incorporated the Rhino Tank company and still continues its activities under the name of Rhino Tank. The company started the manufacturing process by supplying tankers to the leading companies of the water sector, along with the rapid development of the sector, Rhino Tank developed itself in the field of tanker manufacturing and became one of the leading companies at manufacturing on-board stainless tankers and stainless storage tanks in its sector.





We know no bounds in the tank industry

Today, Rhino Tank not only supplies on-board stainless tankers, storage tanks, reactors, mixer mixers of companies that transport chemicals and carries out logistics activities, but also responds to the needs of municipalities and companies operating in the other service sectors with the production of water truck tankers and vacuum trucks, which we included in our production range. Our company, which has 34 years of experience and 19 years of corporate history, continues to respond to the needs of the sector with its staff that is open to new visions, principled and experienced with your continuous support.

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