Quality and Sustainability

Not always being big, always aiming to be good.

To become an international reliable brand and corporate company.

• To make our employees feel valued by providing a safe and healthy environment to our employees as seeing them as our first customers

• To provide reliable, technologically sound and constantly developing service that will ensure that customer will profit from and that will make customers to come back to us, in accordance with the standards and developing technology.

• To maintain customer satisfaction in line with our customers’ needs and expectations,

•To be a responsible company especially towards its customers, employees, environment and society,

•It is the quality policy of our business to be competitive at placing and protecting the basic principles of honesty, quality, technology, communication and discipline in the company structure, to adopt an open system in management, to be in cooperation based on trust.

Environmental policy is important for sustainability.

To protect our natural resources by applying technologies that cause the least harm to the environment as far as technical, economic and commercial possibilities allow.

To keep the harmful effects we cause on the environment at minimum and keep them under control.

With the awareness that environmental protection is the responsibility of all its employees, especially the senior management,  to actively participate in studies on this subject within our authority and responsibilities .

It is our environmental policy to carry out continuous improvement studies depending on these purposes.

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