Chemical Tankers

They are special vehicles that play an important role in industrial sectors and ensure the safe transportation of chemicals. These tanks carry out the transportation of various chemical substances in liquid, gas or solid form. They play an important role in terms of safety and sustainability.

Chemical tankers are carefully designed according to the characteristics and safety requirements of the substance to be transported. Tankers are produced from special alloys with high durability. In addition, special welding and sealing techniques are used to provide sealing. In addition, special valves and safety equipment on tankers are designed to prevent leaks and respond in emergencies.

The safety of chemical tankers is of paramount importance due to the nature of the substances transported. Therefore, the drivers and operators of tankers should be well acquainted with the characteristics of chemical substances and their handling procedures. Trained personnel ensure safety by implementing measures such as correct loading and unloading procedures, proper storage of hazardous materials, and emergency planning.

Chemical tankers also play an important role in environmental and economic sustainability. The design and operation of the tankers are carried out with energy efficiency and emission reduction targets in mind. In addition, waste and resource wastage are prevented by extending the life span of the tankers with safety controls and regular maintenance activities.

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Evaporator Manufacturing

It is an important process that is widely used in industrial sectors and provides the evaporation of liquid substances. In particular, evaporators convert liquids into steam through heat transfer. It also increases the concentration of substances such as purified water, solvents, chemicals and food products used in various applications. Therefore, evaporators are used as a basic equipment in many industries.

As a specialized company, we offer solutions for the design and manufacture of high quality evaporators. We also offer a variety of evaporator models that can be customized to suit our customers’ needs. The size, material selection and operating parameters of the evaporators are adjusted according to the requirements and characteristics of the industrial facilities.

Quality, safety and efficiency are among our primary goals in evaporator manufacturing. Our production process is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment and quality materials. Strict quality controls are applied during the manufacturing stages. We ensure high performance, durability and longevity of each evaporator. In addition, the designs of our evaporators are carried out in accordance with safety standards and regulations.

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