Stainless Full Trailer Tankers

Stainless Full Trailer Tankers are powerful and versatile armored vehicles that play a critical role in modern battlefields. In this article, the history of serpentine tank manufacturing, design features, production process and its importance in the defense industry will be discussed.

What is a Serpentine Tank?


Serpentine tanks are a basic type of armored vehicles and they got their name from the serpentine shape of the hull structure. The advantage of this structure is that the tank can maneuver in tight spaces, be protected from enemy fire and cope with artillery fire.


Serpentine Tank Manufacturing History:


Modern serpentine tanks are mostly built with high-tech materials. These materials make the tank both lightweight and durable. However, it is equipped with modern serpentine tanks and advanced electronic systems.

Historical origins I. It dates back to World War II. Initially, it was intended to protect against artillery fire and overcome obstacles. But II. It became more effective by being developed during World War II.


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The manufacturing process of serpentine tanks is quite complex and consists of several basic stages:

Design: The design of serpentine tanks is a stage in which engineers determine the characteristics of the tank or create prototypes. At this stage, the main characteristics such as the dimensions of the tank, engine power, armor thickness or weapon systems are determined.

Generally, high-strength steels, alloys and composite materials are preferred.

Manufacturing: The main body of the tank, chassis, engine, armor and weapon systems must be manufactured separately. These pieces must then be put together Decoupled.

Integration of Electronic Systems: Serpentine tanks are equipped with advanced electronic systems.


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