Rhino has been producing industrial and industry type chimneys with its experience and knowledge since 1976.

-Industrial chimneys suitable for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels

-Design and production in accordance with TS EN 13084 standard

-Design and material selection according to waste gas and site conditions

-Ease of assembly with modular design

-Production in a wide range of fuels, temperatures and sizes

Design and Manufacturing

-Design suitable for Solid/ Liquid/ Gas and Biogas fuels

-Appropriate section calculations suitable to the standard

-Optimum design according to the heat loss and the fuel gas pressure drop

-Application up to 800 C

-Providing reduced noise level with integrated silencer

-High corrosion resistance with stainless inner wall

-Cogeneration and Trigeneration Facilities

-Boilers (Heat Plants)

-Furnace Chimneys

-Cement Plants

-Steel Production

-Petrochemical Facilities

-Biogas Facilities

– Design and manufacturing in accordance with international standards

– Use and maintenance documentation

– High quality and long life guarantee

– AISI 304, 316, 316L, 316Ti quality and certified stainless steel material

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